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Cutting Wedge Acoustical Foam Featured on 2012 Loudspeaker Sourcebook

Cutting Wedge Acoustical Foam makes the CoverAcoustics First’sCutting Wedge acoustical foamis featured on the cover of the 2012 Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook.Acoustical foamcan be used in any application that requires sound absorption. This material is used to prevent destructive specular reflections from distorting or color sound. It eliminates room modes and standing waves. Cutting Wedge foam provides more absorption than flat foam by increasing the exposed surface area with its “blade” pattern.

Cutting Wedge Classic Acoustical FoamAvailable in 2″, 3″ and 4″ thick material, this premium acoustical foam can be used to line the cavities of speaker boxes, remove reflections in recording & broadcast studios, quiet machinery and much more. 1’x1′ or 2’x4′ sheets allow the application to be designed however you with to provide optimal coverage for your application.

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Acoustics First Corporation supplies acoustical panels and soundproofing materials to control sound and eliminate noise in commercial, residential, government, and institutional applications worldwide. Products include the patented Art Diffusor®, sound absorbers, noise barriers, acoustical fabrics and accessories. Acoustics First® products are sold for O.E.M applications, direct, and through dealers. For more information on acoustical materials and their application, please visitwww.AcousticsFirst.comor callToll Free 1-888-765-2900(US & Canada).


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