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Project: Richmond Friends Retreat Center

The amount of glass in the room and the hard floors made the space overly reverberant – which reduced speech clarity and intelligibility.

Earlier this summer, Richmond Friends Meeting reached out to Acoustics First® for assistance with their new Retreat Center in Amelia, VA. Their multi-purpose community hall was overly live with reverb and echoes, contributing to a poor listening environment. As this space is used for worship, meetings and social events, speech intelligibility is very important and more control was needed to “reign-in” excessive noise.

To correct these issues, Acoustics First® recommended a combination of1” Hi-Impact Sonora® Wall Panels and 2” Sonora® Ceiling Panels.The acoustic design utilized “staggered” 2’x6’ ceiling panels to maximize coverage, in addition to the custom-shaped wall panels which match the slope of the ceiling.

To increase absorption and for visual interest,Sonora® panelswere mounted in a staggered pattern on the ceiling.

With approx. 400 SQFT of panels between the wall and ceiling, reverb was reduced by approx. 50%, drastically improving speech intelligibility and general room comfort.

TheSonora® Wall Panelsalong the roofline were shaped to match the slope of the ceiling.

The treatment tamed the acoustics of the room, which improved speech intelligibility by reducing the reverberance… and they were very happy with the result!


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