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Here are a couple of fresh install photos – courtesy of SLS Productions in Michigan. For this fellowship hall at Kalamazoo Missionary Church, a mix ofstandard Sonora® PanelsandSonora® Lite PVC encapsulated panelswere used. The Steel GreySonora® Panels, installed on the wall, are the standard 6-7# density panels that have become ubiquitous in so many churches and schools throughout the country for improving speech clarity and taming harsh reverb times.

For the ceiling of the room,Sonora® Lite Panelswere used. Notice how the white PVC covering and clear washer plates help the panels blend aesthetically into the ceiling. These lower density (1.65#) PVC encapsulated panels could be thought of as a ‘direct mount’ cousin of ourCloudscape® bafflesand are an excellent budget friendly choice when treating ceilings. The final results turned out great and all were pleased.