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Boys & Girls Club is (Cloudscape®) Baffled!

The Boys & Girls Club is enjoying their improved acoustics! (Photo by: Rennie Fish)

A large gymnasium/basketball court made of concrete blocks and metal is not an acoustically tame place. Add dozens of active boys and girls and the cacophony of sound can be a little overwhelming. This is exactly the reason why the Boys & Girls club reached out toAcoustics First®.

After a quick consultation, it was decided that the most efficient and cost effective option was installingCloudscape® bafflesto tame the overall reverb and sound pressure levels in the gym. Because thebafflesare hanging with all of the sides are exposed, this increases their effective surface area and, in turn, improves their ability to absorb noise. This efficiency, ease of installation, and their relatively low cost is why they were the perfect option for this space.


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